GMRVF's Pratibha Library- Transforming Lives with Career Upskilling

19 February 2021

In Today's time getting a government job is dream of many young aspirants. And it's even more important when one belongs to a middle class underprivileged family. Apart from job security & good remuneration, government job also brings a sense of pride and honor for the entire family.

First month of this year 2021 brought smiles on the face of 17 students from GMRVF's "Pratibha Library and Counselling Center". These seventeen students of Rajam, Srikakulam District, Andhra Pradesh, cracked the Staff Selection Commission (SSC) exam. Among these seventeen candidates, eight students were selected for Central Industrial Security Force (CISF), five students for Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) and four for Border Security Force (BSF). What is worthy of mention is that there are 3 girls selected for CISF among this lot.

Following 17 students of Pratibha library would be joining their duties very soon.

S.No Name of the member M/F Selected Force
1 Makka Amani F CISF
2 Y. Rama F CISF
3 R. Ramalaxmi F CISF
4 M. Santosh Kumar M CISF
5 B. Rajesh M CISF
6 B.Ganapathi M CISF
7 S.Sanyasinaidu M CISF
8 N.Sateesh M CISF
9 Gara Siva M CRPF
10 Someswararao M CRPF
11 U. Suresh M CRPF
12 D.Srinivasarao M CRPF
13 Dhilleswararao M CRPF
14 Lakshnun Naidu M BSF
15 Manikanta M BSF
16 B.Sekharrao M BSF
17 Ch. Gurunadh M BSF

Established in 2005 in the heart of Rajam, Pratibha Library and Counselling Centres have been set up by GMRVF to support aspiring youth from the underprivileged sections at the cross roads of their careers and help them make informed decisions and choices based on interests and available options in educational / employment related dilemmas.

These centers not only provide timely information about various educational and employment opportunities to the youth, they also help the youth in preparing for various competitive entrance examinations by providing them special coaching sessions and a large pool of books to read and learn.

Digital Classes on various subjects of competitive exams are conducted in these centers to increase the interest levels of the aspirants and to enable them gain in-depth knowledge on the subjects

Apart from imparting education these centers also organize mock examinations & interviews.

Pratibha Library-cum-Counseling Centers also provides assistance & guidance to the candidates for filling the applications and preparing resumes.

Over 700 members have gained employment at different job levels of public and private sectors with assistance and guidance from the centers. (Group II, Defense / Police Jobs, Teachers, Bank Jobs, other Government Jobs, Private Jobs etc.)