Festival vibes grip travellers at Delhi Airport

14 October 2021

After ease in travel restrictions following the increase in vaccinated travellers, the air travel segment has shown signs of revival. The airlines being allowed to operate at full capacity has given the much needed impetus to air travel.

GMR-led Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL) has left no stone unturned when it comes to maintaining a high level of hygiene and safety standards. The use of various innovative non-contact check-in to security check procedures have instilled confidence among air travellers, resulting in gradual growth in passenger numbers at Delhi Airport.


As the festival season has kicked in, shopping alongside travelling has taken the front foot at one of the busiest airports in the country. In today's time, airports are not just a platform to board flights. The airport infrastructure in India has taken a considerable leap with a large-scale retail setup. Delhi Airport tops the chart when it comes to pampering travellers in every possible way.

With high-end showrooms and outlets spread all over the airport corridor, Delhi Airport grabs the attention of every traveller during the waiting time or while walking towards the boarding area. Once at the airport, passengers can explore a plethora of outlets and brands. The availability of these retail shops makes it easy for the flyers to purchase from among a variety of products ranging from branded apparel, accessories, food and beverages, etc.

Indian sentiments during shopping for festival combines of gifts for family members and purchasing for self. Further, people travelling to other cities or countries to meet their loved ones prefer to shop from airport outlets as it eases the convenience of carrying extra luggage from home.

Passengers can plan their trip to the airport well ahead of the boarding schedule that will save on their shopping time. As it is festival season, flyers can choose from a wide range of ethnic wear and accessories. A variety of mouth-watering sweets and snacks along with customisable options are also available that are packed beautifully for easy carrying while boarding for flight.


To ensure a safe and healthy environment for the passengers since the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, Delhi Airport has proactively taken several measures. It includes sanitization of terminals, deep and frequent cleaning of high touch areas, common passenger areas like lift, elevators, handrails, glass walls, trolleys, CUSS machines, counters, washrooms, boarding gates etc., using disinfectants and UV light towers.

Apart from this, auto-dispensing hand sanitisers and disinfectant mats have been placed at strategic locations and Bio-Medical Waste Bins deployed at all areas of terminals. Sneeze shields have been installed at all airline counters and CISF checkpoints to minimize the risk of virus transmission.

During the second wave of COVID-19, Delhi Airport became the first airport in India to introduce the use of Luminometers that ensures surfaces of high passenger contact areas are safe, hygienic and free from any living or dead bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms after disinfection exercise.

All these efforts of DIAL have been appreciated by the travellers. During a recent survey on passenger experience at Delhi Airport, about 99% of flyers felt CONFIDENT of travelling from Delhi Airport.