An ode to indigenous arts of India

13 September 2021

Synonymous to culture and tradition, Indian arts have a special place in our hearts. They have a unique ability to connect us with humanity and ancestral legacy. Time and again, Indian talent have been appreciated worldwide for their excellence in various fields. Similarly, even the art works of Indian subcontinent are looked upon with great respect across the world. GMR led airports since their inception have created architectural spaces that showcase a unique blend of modernity, technological advancements and cultural legacy of the nation. This blog will take you through various architectural beauties of two leading Indian airports in India that depict the essence of Indian culture and ethos through art forms.


Statue of the Sun God

Location: International Departure, T3 Delhi Airport

A bronze statue of Surya God, greets the passengers as they get ready with their boarding passes to take their International flight at Terminal 3. Similar to how Indian subcontinent is a unique blend of various culture and beliefs, this sculpture was designed keeping the universal theme in mind. This 12-foot brass and copper artwork not just symbolises Surya or Sun God, as worshipped and respected in many religions but also represents the cycle of time. Greeting the confluence of passengers from various geographic locations across the world, this artwork also signifies the strength and warmth of India's cultural history.

Surya Namaskar Statue

Location: Domestic Departure, T3 Delhi Airport

Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation) is a common sequence of Yoga Asanas and are believed to aid spiritual and physical well-being. These 12 poses offer a calming sight in the otherwise busy terminal 3 of Indira Gandhi International Airport. Through this artwork, we aim to establish the value and importance of healthy lifestyle in improving human lives and what can be better than yoga for this. Even though yoga is an ancient practice still it holds immense relevance in dealing with health and lifestyle issues of current times. The crux of yoga is to ensure holistic well-being of an individual that involves decluttering the mind, body and souls- bringing them back to a state of natural calm, rest and balance.



Location: International and Domestic Arrival, T3 Delhi Airport

Designed and mounted on 240-meter wall at the domestic arrival of Terminal 3 is the breath-taking view of 9 mudras (hand gestures) crafted beautifully with bronze and copper finish. These mudras are an integral part of religions (Hinduism, Buddhism), classical and regional dance forms of India, yoga, and the visual arts. These mudras are: Abhaya, Vrada, Akasha, Mayur, Chatura, Tripataka, Prana, Trishul, and Pranayama. Each mudra holds its own significance and meaning or they are combined to create different meanings as per the religious scriptures.

Art Gallery

Location: Arrival, Hyderabad Airport

Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Hyderabad has gone the extra mile to bring a burst of joy to its passengers alighting from the terminal with its unique Gallery of Art & Architecture, a one of a kind exhibit within an airport. The Art gallery is a visual arts initiative aimed at creating a sense of place and enhancing community identity. It is a humble attempt to provide visibility for unique artistic and cultural life of Hyderabad, Telangana and the surrounding region. It not only improves the design quality of public infrastructure projects but also helps humanize the airport environment.


Some of the Art Work at the gallery:


Art by Laxma Goud


Art by Fawad Tamkanat


Art by Sanjay Ashtaputre