Proactive Measures Taken At IGI Airport To Minimize Impact Of Flight Disruptions In Europe

New Delhi, April 16th, 2010:

Proactive measures initiated at the IGI Airport were helpful in minimizing the ripple effects at IGIA arising out of the disruption over northern European airspace due to volcanic ash.

A large number of flights to India pass through affected airspace over Europe. Many of these flights had to be cancelled, rescheduled or diverted. DIAL & Air Traffic Control officials at IGI Airport worked closely to ensure that all incoming passenger flights from London & other European destinations were closely monitored and made to land on time. However, due to restrictions in the European airspace, many of these flights could not take off for their return journey. This led to a shortage of parking bays at IGI for incoming aircraft,

To manage the situation and reduce inconvenience to passengers, DIAL and ATC officials diverted incoming cargo flights to other airports under due intimation to their operators. The parking bays available at the International cargo apron were then used to park incoming passenger aircraft and passengers were ferried to the terminals by coaches. Still there was shortage of parking bays. DIAL Operations team - in close coordination with ATC - decided to park five wide bodied aircrafts, after the passenger disembarkation at the terminal, on adjoining aircraft taxiways which are currently not used due to the runway 28 rehabilitation work.

All these efforts ensured that passengers and airlines faced minimum inconvenience and flight operations at IGI Airport continued with near normalcy despite the unprecedented situation.

Details of flights affected:

S. No. Flight No. Sector STD Expected Departure Time
1. IT-001 DEL-LHR 13:20 (15Apr) XXXED
2. VS-301 DEL 13:15 (15Apr) XXXED
3. 9W-1122 DEL-LHR 22:00(16Apr) Additional Flight
4. BA-142 DEL-LHR 02:15 (16Apr) XXXED
5. 9W-230 DEL-LHR 02:35 (16Apr) 14:35 (16th Apr)
6. AF-225 DEL-CDG 00:35 (16Apr) No departure planned
7. KL-872 DEL-AMS 00:50 (16Apr) 00:50 (17 Apr)
8. AI-121 DEL-FRA 01:20 (16 Apr) 14:10 (16 Apr)
9. AI-101 DEL-IAD 00:25 (16 Apr) 14:25 (16 Apr)
10. BA-3428 CARGO 15:30 (16 Apr)
11. AI-187 DEL- LHR-YYZ 15:30 (16 Apr)
12. AY-021 DEL-HEL No departure planned
13. BA-257/256 LHR-DEL-LHR 16Apr XXXED
14. AI 143 DEL-CDG 11:35 (16 Apr) 14:45 (16 Apr)
15. AI-111 DEL-LHR 14:00 (16 Apr) 14:30 (16 Apr)
16. 9W-122 DEL-LHR 13:45 (16 Apr) 16:30 (16 Apr)