Overview: Health, Hygiene and Sanitation
h1.jpg Objective: To work towards better health and more healthy lifestyles in the communities where we work.

Health: GMRVF, in collaboration with HelpAge India, is running 3 Mobile Medical Units dedicated to taking healthcare to the doorsteps of the elderly. The units provide free medical checks and medicines to those over 60 years of age. These medical units cover over 90 villages visiting each of them every week. Over 4500 elderly people benefit from this initiative.

h1.jpgThe Foundation also runs ambulances in remote areas. For people in these areas it is very difficult to reach health centers and hospitals quickly. Each of these ambulances attends to about 30-40 emergency cases every month, and has saved many a life.

General and specific medical camps are conducted in all the Foundation’s work areas. GMRVF stresses on school health check-ups and health education in schools and communities.

The Foundation also runs regular clinics for identified communities which do not have qualified doctors. At Lambagarh, in Uttarakhand, it runs a weekly clinic. In the remote villages of Hyderabad where trained and qualified doctors are not available GMRVF runs weekly clinics. The Foundation runs both Allopathic and Ayurvedic clinics in Mangalore.

The Foundation has also initiated Health awareness on AIDS and other deadly diseases for the communities it works with.

Hygiene and Sanitation
h3.jpg The Foundation has built and is maintaining 8 public toilets in villages and slums. These clean and hygienic toilets are made available to families of the communities for a nominal fee of Rs. 10 per family per month. These toilets have improved the sanitary condition in the areas and are of great help especially to the women of these communities.

In a Public-Private Partnership with the Municipal Corporation of Hyderabad, the Foundation is building and operating ‘Pay and Use’ toilets in the city. These facilities, in the short time that they have been in operation, have won recognition for setting new standards in the maintenance of public conveniences. Thorough research and professional design inputs have gone into the making of these toilets. Regular monitoring and inspections help in maintaining high hygiene and health standards.

In some areas like Vemagiri, Foundation supported the communities in the construction of Individual Sanitary Lavatories by leveraging the support from Government. Over 200 families benefited from this initiative and open defecation in these villages has reduced to a great extent.

The Foundation also imparts education on sanitation and personal hygiene to the communities.