Lack of proper sanitation facilities and defecation in the open is a major concern and a serious health risk in slums and villages. Often, it’s women that suffer the most for lack of privacy. Constructing a Sanitary Lavatory for personal use is a luxury. So, Foundation has come up with the idea of building Suvidha community toilets in 1998. Suvidha Complex is a public toilet facility available to members of the community for a nominal cost. At present, Foundation is managing 10 Suvidha Toilet Complexes at Rajam and one each at Rajahmundry and Chhattisgarh.

  • The design of the toilets takes into account aesthetic and functional set-up, uniform standard, ample ventilation, adequate space and cleanliness, easy access, and beautiful landscape etc.

  • The initiative has succeeded in sensitizing and motivating community to use proper sanitation facilities. About 90% of slum dwellers and 50% of the villagers in the target areas now use the Suvidha Toilets.

  • Family Cards have been issued and every family can access Suvidha Toilet @ Rs.10/- per month.

  • The Family Card system builds a sense of ownership amongst its users. Suvidha committees which include representatives from its users and the project team are functioning well. They are the corner stones in developing systems and processes to make the Suvidha programme participatory and sustainable.

"We wanted to have toilets but did not have the money. With Suvidha being available and nearby, our family is saved from open defecation," says Srinivas, a satisfied Family Card holder from Rajam.