Sanitation was a major problem in the city of Hyderabad due to lack of public sanitation facilities. As a response, GMRVF constructed public toilets in the areas of heavy rush in association with the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC). The idea is to create model sanitation facilities. GHMC provided required space for the construction of these toilets and the Foundation constructed and is managing them on a pay and use basis.

  • At present there are eight pay and use toilets with about 35,000 users per month.

  • These toilets are under the Public-Private Partnership Programme in collaboration with the Greater Municipal Corporation of Hyderabad.

  • The design of the toilets takes into account aesthetic and functional set-up, standard uniform design, ample ventilation, adequate space and cleanliness, easy access, beautiful landscape etc.

  • GMRVF has developed Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for the maintenance of public toilets.

  • With user and eco-friendly designs, the Pay and Use toilets of GMRVF have set a bench mark for public toilet facilities and GHMC instructed other operators also to follow these models

"Stinking urinals, no toilets for women or people defecating in the open…. this image of the state capital has been changed with the introduction of GMRVF toilets. They are unbelievably clean, neat and are cheap" says a user at Nampally.