A large number of elders in rural areas are unable to seek medical help due to variety of economic and social problems. GMRVF has joined hands with HelpAge India to run Mobile Medical Units in Rajahmundry, Shamshabad, and Warora to provide medical facilities to elders. Another MMU Van has been commissioned recently at Kakinada.

The MMU Van visits the designated communities on a regular basis and offers services such as medical consultation, dispensing medicines, conducting medical counseling etc. for elders. The MMU staff also makes house visits to provide health services to the elders who need palliative care. The unit also refers beneficiaries to various health institutions in case of need. The MMU program enables the elders to play an active role in the society by promoting healthy and active ageing.

  • MMUs conduct free check-ups and dispense medicines to people of 60+ age group. They also attend to lower age groups in case of emergencies or when mobility of the patient becomes a problem.

  • MMU is a van equipped with all basic medical equipment, medicines with a doctor, pharmacist and a social worker from HelpAge readily available.

  • There are nodal points at each location. The van visits each nodal point once in a week.

  • Some of the major ailments dealt with are Osteoarthritis, Hypertension, Chronic Obstructive Airway Disease and Dyspepsia etc.

  • MMUs, besides providing health facilities to the old, also conduct medical camps for the benefit of people of all age-groups.

  • Good liaison is maintained with many referral hospitals for providing qualitative health services to the poor at low cost.

  • Community members, particularly youth are coming forward to assist in the working of the MMUs.

  • Considering the remoteness of project villages and the lack of availability of medical facilities, the MMU at Kakinada is offering healthcare services to the people of all age-groups.

Case Study:

Raising Self-esteem!

Mahadev Varlu Khobragade, aged 72 years, lives in Shembal village of Warora block in Chandrapur district of Maharashtra. When he was young he used to cultivate his small land holding but was hardly able to save any money for his old age. He has three sons but he lives independently. He is somehow able to make both ends meet by working as agriculture laborer in others’ fields. Having abused his health with alcohol and tobacco for several years, Mahadev’s general state of health is very poor and he suffers from Asthama. Introduction of Mobile Medical Unit in his village proved a blessing to him. He visited the MMU and got necessary medicines and dietary advice. Within a year, Mahadev’s health improved significantly and he is now able work regularly. Improved health led to better financial condition and better quality of life.