Certain situations require immediate medical care and even a small delay may take a toll of precious human lives. Access to timely medical care is very critical in cases of emergency. However, such facilities are seldom available in some remote rural areas. Recognizing the need to serve such areas, GMRVF is running ambulance services in difficult-to-reach areas.

  • Ambulance is generally used for emergency cases when the patient needs to be removed to a hospital or a health center without loss of time.

  • The ambulance is for community members who can least afford the expenditure to move the patient from one health facility to another. The request for the ambulance is entertained on the recommendation of the Doctor or other designated person and need-based.

  • The vehicle is made available round the clock.

  • Each ambulance attends to 30-40 calls on an average in a month.

  • In some places, community members are actively involved in the management of the ambulance.

Case Study:

It’s Like Re-birth!

FFor Bachan Singh, a 62 year old poor man from Pinola Ghat village of Joshimath tehsil in Uttarakhand, GMRVF has given a new lease of life. In the month of September, 2010 Bachan Singh complained of severe chest pain. His family members called the pharmacist of Foundation. After the preliminary examination he felt that it was a heart attack. Immediately, the ambulance from Foundation was called for and it took Bachan to the Government Hospital of Joshimath. When his condition was stable, he was shifted to the Government hospital at Dehradun in the same ambulance for better treatment. Bachan recovered soon and he is now leading a healthy, joyful life with his family. Bachan recalls the incident and says that his being a BPL family, arranging transportation at their own cost would be next to impossible for them. He also says that if anything had happened to him, his family of six members would have been put to sufferance as he is the major bread winner of the family.

“If I am alive and talking to you today, it is only because of the support from Foundation” says Bachan with a touch of thankfulness in his tone.