Health is an important part of well-being. But, many communities are deprived of health clinics or hospitals because they are located far away, and people have to travel a long way to get medical assistance. Their poor economic conditions coupled with poorer awareness on healthcare often prevent villagers from venturing out of their village to seek medical treatment in time. In many cases this proves fatal too.

In response, Foundation has initiated health clinics in areas where healthcare facilities are lacking. As of now, Foundation runs 28 clinics in different locations across the country.

  • GMRVF is forging partnerships with hospitals wherever possible to operate the health clinics. In Chhattisgarh, for example, it partnered with the Evangelical Mission Hospital and at Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh it is in partnership with CARE Hospitals. Such partnerships also help to provide referral services for patients who need further treatment.

  • To make traditional systems of medicine like Ayurveda available to people, GMRVF also runs Ayurvedic clinics in different locations.

  • Paramedics of Foundation visit remote villages on a rotational basis to take healthcare to the people of remotest areas

Case Study:

Making Healthcare Accessible and Affordable!

In Holi Bajoli, Himachal Pradesh, access to healthcare for people is very poor. The nearest healthcare facility is in district headquarters Chamba which is almost 71 Km away. To address the woes of the people here, Foundation has partnered with the Government and renovated the Ayurvedic Hospital, Holi. Foundation is also supporting an Ayurvedic Pharmacist. To make the healthcare more accessible, the Pharmacist visits the surrounding villages and provides health advice and medicines to the villagers.