Health check-ups at school provide an ideal opportunity to detect and diagnose health problems very early on in children. They also serve to educate children, parents and teachers on matters relating to health, hygiene and sanitation. GMRVF conducts periodic School health check-ups in Anganwadis, Bala Badis and Government Schools in all its locations.

  • About 11, 000 children are covered annually through the school health check-ups. Some of the common ailments identified during these check-ups are nutrition related, dental, ear, skin, heart, and eye.

  • These camps have helped in the timely detection, diagnosis and treatment of health problems of several children.

  • Students detected with health problems are sent to medical camps and hospitals for treatment. Additionally, parents are also provided counseling to help them take better care of their children’s health.

  • It has been observed that education and counseling of students and parents on health related issues helps promoting overall well-being of the child and also of the family.

Case Study:

Free from Suffering!

Kota Pavan was a student of Std. I at M.P.U.P school, Guravam during the academic year 2007-08. His parents work as casual labor in a local polymer factory. When children of his age were playing he was unable to join the crowd as he was getting tired easily. His parents were uneducated to be aware of the reason. GMRVF medical officer detected an abnormality in his heart during the routine school health check-up. He immediately referred the boy to a Cardiologist for further diagnosis. On the advice of the Cardiologist, the boy was admitted to a cardiac center where he was diagnosed suffering from 'Large Subaortic VSD & PFO Lt-RL'. He underwent surgery (Intra Cardiac Repair) under Rajiv Aarogyasri scheme of the Government of Andhra Pradesh. Now Pavan regularly attends school with all zeal and enthusiasm for learning. It is hard to believe that this boy once suffered from a heart ailment.