Girijana Institute of Rural Entrepreneurship Development (GIRED) is a unique developmental initiative targeting tribal youth to improve their employability and income generation capabilities. This Vocational Training Centre was started in September 2010 in partnership with Integrated Tribal Development Agency (ITDA) - Seethampeta (Department of Tribal Welfare, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh) in Addakulaguda village of Seethampeta Mandal of Srikakulam district of Andhra Pradesh.

GIRED’s aim is to train and upgrade the skills of the tribal youth in various vocations like two wheeler repairing, gents’ tailoring, taxi driving and mobile phone repairing etc. and prepare them for suitable employment or self-employment.

  • ITDA has provided GMRVF the building to run the Institute with all facilities including clean drinking water. It also mobilizes youth for the training.

  • ITDA has agreed to provide loans to trainees starting their own enterprise under its TRICOR scheme.

  • GIRED has trained 514 youth so far in different trades and 406 of them have settled comfortably.

Case Study:

V. M. B Tailors- A Success Story of Three Tribal Youth

Vasu, Mallesh and Bheemudu, three tribal youth from Naidumalli village in Srikakulam district of AP were unemployed and for long time entertained dreams of becoming entrepreneurs. However, they hardly had any idea about what to start or how. They had keen interest but lacked skills, know-how and fear of failure prevented them from chasing after their dream. One day, they came to know of GIRED and the training program in Tailoring it offered. They thought this training could give them the required skill to start an enterprise and applied for the same. The 48 day training they underwent gave them, besides the tailoring skills, the skills of communication, marketing, and decision making etc. In addition, they were also sensitized, as part of personality development, on topics like personal hygiene and sanitation, stress management and interpersonal relationships. This comprehensive training boosted up their confidence and soon after completing the course, they started a small tailoring unit called V.M.B. (Vasu, Mallesh and Bheemudu) Tailors in their own village by pooling Rs. 22,000. People in those parts celebrate Sankranthi in a big way and they got good offers for stitching clothes. Their skill and adherence to time pleased the people of the area and their business picked up within a short time. They were able to do business worth Rs. 15,000 in just two months. Recently, two Tribal Welfare Residential Schools of that area placed orders with them for stitching school uniforms for about 800 children. They are proud entrepreneurs now and thank GIRED for making their dream come true.