To convince today's youth in participating long-term projects for community development is a challenge. GMRVF took up this challenge. Because, it believes that if the energy, enthusiasm, diverse talents and innovation of the youth are tapped properly and organized into groups providing opportunities, they would certainly serve the communities they are part of. This belief was amply justified when many youth clubs and children’s clubs promoted by GMRVF are now actively working for the cause of their communities.

The youth clubs facilitated by GMRVF are encouraged to register themselves with the Government and also to have their own office bearers. GMRVF provides leadership training for the members, suggests programs and activities, and organizes educational tours and exchange visits etc.

Today there are about 100 Youth and Children Clubs. Each Club, on an average, has around 20 members. Motivated by Foundation, Youth Clubs organize various community activities like cleanliness drives, plantation drives etc. and assist in planning and organizing various events and celebrations for community members. Efforts of these groups resulted in increased participation of adult community members also in various Foundation programs.

  • Participation of the Youth Club members has shown significant positive effects on the program management and outputs in many locations.

  • Youth Clubs organize community activity such as ‘Clean and Green’ programme in which they clean up roads and drainages. With Shramdan they construct roads for the village.

  • Information about various schemes and programs of the Government is taken to the community through these clubs.

  • Community Children Councils (C-3) are formed at Delhi to ensure Children’s participation in community development process. The Council organizes various programs on education, health, environment awareness at the community level. The Council identifies school dropout children and mainstreams them. Members of C-3 contribute significantly towards health awareness and immunization of children. C-3 is an equal partner with GMRVF in all community level awareness and sensitization programs.

Case study

Youth-led Community Service Activities in Seppa, Arunachal Pradesh

Youth clubs in Seppa started involving in community development activities during 2009-10. Members of these clubs initiated and implemented several activities like cleaning and repairing village roads, drainages etc. They committed their time and energy in improving the physical conditions of the community apart from organizing several cultural events. Community members lauded their services and started treating youth with a lot of respect. GMRVF on its part is encouraging the efforts the youth by providing them with sports material, uniforms etc.

"I am feeling so good for being able to give something back to my community. In addition to benefiting the community from our activities, we ourselves are benefitted from the rich experience we gain in the process. We are being taken seriously and gaining lot of respect too..." said Tope Bam, a youth from Pachi Village, from Seppa Circle of Arunachal Pradesh.