Adult illiteracy has direct impact on various social problems like employment of child labor, female infanticide etc. GMRVF has taken some initiatives in the area of adult literacy. The program was first started in Mangalore with eight women students in 2003-04. Later, it was extended to other areas as well.

The effort is towards improving the literacy levels and create awareness on key issues like AIDS, various government schemes and programs that they can benefit from and some similar issues that can make a difference to their lives.

  • About 10 night schools are run regularly in different locations.

  • Attending these schools has improved the social bonding among the community members in most of the cases.

  • There is a remarkable progress in the ability to read and write among many women who have never attended a school.

  • These night schools are used as a platform to create awareness on various health, societal and community issues.

  • Recently, GMRVF joined hands with Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) to implement Computer Based Functional Literacy (CBFL) program for adults.

  • Currently, 10 CBFL Centers are operational benefiting about 150 adults.

Case study

In Ramdurg, the GMRVF-initiated Youth Club volunteered to conduct adult literacy classes. The room for conducting the classes was provided free by the community. 3 youth from the Youth Club are taking classes in the evenings on a rotation basis. Foundation follows Adult Literacy module of the State Government of Karnataka. Apart from providing education, the Youth Club volunteers are encouraging the community members attending the classes to take up some income generating activities. Thus, these adult literacy classes are serving as forums both for learning and earning.