Socially Responsible
"As a responsible corporate citizen, GMR Group, besides being actively engaged in infrastructure development, is fully committed to the larger goal of enhancing the standard of living of the people, particularly that of the marginalised.

The Group believes that only through this will the larger objective of fully developing and tapping the nation's true potential be achieved. Accordingly, the corporate policies of the Group are driven by a set of seven carefully drafted core values. 'Respect For Individual' is one such core value of the Group. In line with this, the Group as a whole ensures that it adheres to all statutory regulations pertaining to Occupational Health, Safety and Environment along with gender and age specific issues of employment. Specifically in the context of Child Labour, the Group abides by the ILO guidelines and the Indian legislation which also ratifies this by not employing children and minors either directly in its establishments or through its contractors and vendors."

Similarly, the Group is also committed to environment protection. Its many efforts towards this cause, has won it several awards and accolades. It has won the prestigious Dr. M.S. Swaminathan award for environment conservation methods and processes at its power plant in Chennai. The first and only of its kind sewage treatment unit in the plant treats 7200 cubic metres of raw sewage per day from Chennai Metropolitan & Sewerage Board to produce 5400 cubic metres of clean water for its own use.